Application for Change of Account Name
Change name request is granted to concessionaires who intend to have their registered name amended or modified. New owner of the house and lot or deceased registered owner are among the various reasons for the request.
Office / Division
Type of Transaction
Front Desk / Commercial Section
Simple Transaction
G2C > Government to CitizenG2B > Government to BusinessG2G > Government to Government
Who May Avail
Checklist of Requirements
Where To Secure
Concessionaires who have existing account with MWD
If applied by the registered person, just present valid ID with signature
Applicant / Representative
If applied by a representative (must be immediate family member of the registered owner), bring authorization letter from the registered owner, his/her valid ID with signature with xerox copy, representative`s valid ID to trace their relationship
Client Steps
Agency Action
Fees To Be Paid
Processing Time
Person Responsible
Proceed to the Front Desk and request for change of name
Provide client with the checklist of requirements
1 Minute
Front Desk Officer (Commercial Section)
Submit requirements as stated above
Receive and review requirements and process request
3 Minutes
Front Desk Officer (Commercial Section)
Forward to Customer Service Assistant E for updating the records
2 Minutes
Front Desk Officer (Commercial Section)
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