Installation of New Service Connection
Installation of new water service connection is done by the Maintenance Section within three (3) to five (5) days after all the required fees are paid by the applicant.
Office / Division
Type of Transaction
Front Desk / Maintenance Section
Complex Transaction
G2C > Government to CitizenG2B > Government to BusinessG2G > Government to Government
Who May Avail
Checklist of Requirements
Where To Secure
Households, Businesses and Government Offices within the municipality of Moncada, Tarlac; and San Manuel, Tarlac
Filled up form of application for new service connection
MWD Office, Front Desk/Commercial Section
Official Receipt
MWD Office, Cashier C, Finance Section
Maintenance Job Order
MWD Office, Front Desk, Commercial Section
Client Steps
Agency Action
Fees To Be Paid
Processing Time
Person Responsible
Proceed to the Front Desk Officer and ask for the breakdown of materials
Provide client with the amount of materials to be paid by the applicant
2 Minutes
Front Desk Officer Commercial Section
Pay the necessary amount to the cashier
Accepts payment and issue official receipt
Amount varies
3 Minutes
Cashier C (Finance Section)
Present Official Receipt (payment of materials) to the Front Desk Officer
Prepare Maintenance Job Order and let the applicant signed it
5 Minutes
Front Desk Officer (Commercial Section)
Pay the necessary amount of materials for new service connection
Issued official receipt
Amount varies
5 Minutes
Front Desk Officer (Commercial Section)
NOTE: Cross road connection fee for:
Municipal Road
PHP 1,800.00
1-2 Days
Provincial Road
PHP 2,800.00
1-2 Days
Barangay Road
PHP 1,800.00
1-2 Days
Highway / National Road
PHP 6,000.00
2-3 Days
"Plumbers (Maintenance Section)
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